“Everything old is new again.” writes Stephen King in one of his novels. To be more precise, we, at DURABO®, were just a bit tired with the sameness of the current tactical clothing. This realization made us look back into the history of military garments for inspiration, pick some of the most iconic designs of the XXth century field pieces and re-think their best features, materials, styles, and ergonomics. 2019 DURABO® collection brings to the table that retro, classic look combined with superb durability – thanks to the Cordura® yarn used in our fabrics, improved mobility, and modern-day functionality.


DURABO® is a commercial brand of the Kreator company; a family owned business with over 33 years of experience in military dress uniforms manufacturing. We are based in the beautiful medieval gothic city of Torun (Thorun) in Poland. It is not just a coincidence that all the symbols of the DURABO® brand – the salamander and name itself are tightly bound with Torun history. We launched the project in mid-2018 and 2019 is the first seasonal collection for the brand.